Water Conservation & Protection
In Minnesota we don't hear about conserving water as much as other areas of the country, but it is definitely an issue we are all responsible for. And water protection, is something on the minds of Minnesotans with our 14,000 lakes and our grand Mississippi. So, during your remodel or building projects here are some water ideas to consider.
Low–flow kitchen and bath fixtures to reduce water consumption
Water catchment systems to reuse rainwater
Minimize run–off through limiting impervious surfaces and landscaping
Plant native species (they don't need as much water!)
Energy Conservation
Interior Design
Water Conservation
Energy Sources
"First, there is the power of the Wind, constantly exerted over the globe... Here is an almost incalculable power at our disposal, yet how trifling the use we make of it! It only serves to turn a few mills, blow a few vessels across the ocean, and a few trivial ends besides. What a poor compliment do we pay to our indefatigable and energetic servant!"
– Henry David Thoreau Paradise (To Be) Regained" [1843]
Installing ceiling insulation and double – glazed windows in every US home can save more oil than the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge can produce at its most optimistic projections, at about 1/20 the cost.